Urb-Suburb & Beyond

Wonderfully different. Mumbai is a potpourri of sounds, smells and colours – mesmerising, exciting and exotic all at once. Beyond Bombay opens this city to you in all its splendid glory with our array of interest/ area specific, concept based walks and tours: Landmarking, Bookworming, Thali Tripping, Gallery Hopping, Rasta Shopping, Wandering in Worli, Lanes of Lalbaug, Bylanes of Bandra, The Bombay Plague Walk & more

Silk-Stone & Beyond

The Capital city. The Antique city. The Ruined city. The Resurrected city. The Imperial City. The Sufi city. The Tombed City...Delhi wears many hats and we delve into the contrasts and the contradictions of the city through our walks & tours: From Silk to Stone, Hanging at Hauz Khas, Of Ghosts, Ghouls & Graveyards, Mapping Mehrauli, Seeking the Saint, Roaming the Raisina & more...

Wonder & Beyond

These workshops for children are designed as mini-weekend sessions to expose them to popular culture. Workshops conducted to date include: Eliot & His Cats (TS Eliot), Down Wonderland (Lewis Carroll & Alice in Wonderland), A Walk Down Abbey Road (Beatles), To be or Not To be 101 (Shakespeare), Whose Hue? (on artists) & Reel in the Rock n Roll.

Beyond Bombay

Much happens on the streets of Mumbai and through our walks and tours we negotiate with the city at street level.

We look at art, architecture, literature, history, food culture, people culture, urban schizophrenia, local bypass, Colonial imprint, Portuguese influence, conservation, migrants, mythology and all that makes the city "Maximum" as weave our way into distinct pockets of the city.

As someone said " Mumbai is Manhattan, LA, Paris, London, Surat, Bihar, UP, Pune & Punjab on one tiny island - a perfect representation of the country we live in. A pot-pourri...

The miracle of Mumbai is that the city works despite everything and we bring that miracle of the city to you through our tours

Beyond Delhi

'The past is everywhere & nowhere' sums the capital city, Delhi, beautifully.

To know Delhi you have to understand its memory. The spirit of the place has always been staccato and you have to find that rhythm, that thread that moves the city and through our walks and tours we try and do just that!

There is melancholy and historic lethargy in the stories that cling to its dead and forgotten cities as each time Delhi spread out, ' like a fresh tablecloth over the remains of yesterday's dinner '. We taste that dinner on our tours in Delhi as we walk down memory lane. We taste what's freshly cooked in the city and we contest with the contrasts.

And take in the visual assault of the city with its tombs, crumbling havelis, minarets, sufi shrine, baghs, imperial imprints, forts, stories, bazaars, cuisine, language, saleeqa and more..

As Ghalib rightfully put 'Yeh sheher nahin hai, mehfil hai'.