Our Story

Beyond Bombay was born out of curiosity – to know more about the city that I learnt to call ‘Home’. As my knowledge grew, the city did too. And it has been wonderful sharing the stories of this city through different walks and tours - armed with research, engaging conversations, laughter, a charged phone & a sense of humour!

Beyond Delhi was born out of a need to understand the city and engage with the past and the present of Delhi and the‘Delhiite’ who calls this city home! It has been great delving into the history of this sprawling antique city and pick out new ideas.

Beyond Text was something that grew out out of interest in working with children. It involves going beyond the four of text and opening the world of literature, poetry, music, drama, art & more through mini weekend sessions...for magic, wondering & fancy are as important to growth as seeming practicalities!

The driving force behind Beyond Bombay has been our Tour Artists. Our Tour Artists are working professionals from the city who paint your city memories. They love the city. They love unfurling different facets of it & can really walk the talk!