Two roads diverged into a path...I took the one less travelled by...And that has made all the difference

Only if you say so...Robert, only if you say so!

Sometimes, one finds the most extraordinary things in the most travelled paths - things that make a city tick, things we forget to see as we pass, forget to experience.

No need to click your heels anymore, the tornado won't take you anywhere either because it's right here! the landmarks where the stories are written in stone the spirals & straight lines of a city the busy bazaars claustrophobia of  structures chaos on the streets packed spaces & unpacked suitcases meetings that materialise at paan shops lifts & parks offices & conference rooms studios & film sets flats & farmhouses poetry, pockets & books based on the city

And we bring this muchness to you through our walks, tours and workshops held in both Delhi & Bombay


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